About project

The residence Ella stands in the heart of the beautiful and quiet Prague district of Hanspaulka. On its four floors one can find three luxury condominiums and a spacious duplex in the upper floor. In the process of reconstruction (which ran in winter 2017) we put an emphasis on retaining the unique historic character of the house.

The original facade was restored and the layouts of individual apartments were altered to better suit the modern lifestyle. The garden was newly created with the aim to provide a pleasant getaway for relaxation. It was all done to make sure that villa naturally fits in its surroundings, respecting the genius loci and offering a perfect place for the happy life.

The ground floor apartment has a large patio directly facing the garden, which creates a perfect living space outdoors. The apartments in the 1 and 2 floor have sophisticated layout designs and spacious balconies with beautiful views of the surrounding gardens. The duplex apartment boasts a view of the castle and a breathtaking panorama of Prague. In summer the residents of all apartments have the possibility to freshen up in the private pool or invite friends for a barbecue party in the garden.

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