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Summer rain | Villa Adriana, Most | Friendly living

About project

The villa Adriana was a very interesting project. We bought it with the intention to put up a few apartments here and move on. But we soon realized that its location in the town of Most is a unique, safe and quiet spot. The town Most had demolished the former cinema building, standing in front of the villa Adriana, which opened a beautiful view of a quiet park. And then we made a decision: we would build here the best residential project in Most and its broadest vicinity. A beautiful villa with a garden, a swimming pool, a sauna and 11 amazing sunlit apartments.

We have dug the soil around the whole perimeter of the house, drained the ground, reinforced the building statically, raised the roof, reinforced the ceilings, enlarged the windows, built balconies, insulated the building, created a beautiful facade, etc. etc. And as the villa began to grow into a beauty, it was clear to all that it will not be just another block of flats, but an attractive luxury residence. We managed to build the best apartment house in Most. In all modesty.

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